Fantasia An Adult Coloring Book Casey Gilmore

Fantasia An Adult Coloring Book: Of Fantasy & Mythology-The Concise Edition Paperback – December 14, 2015

Coloring book to delve your senses into a fantasy world, and emerge with a heightened imagination.”Fantasia” An Adult Coloring Book is highly detailed and is a coloring book not like any other you’ve seen!Hand picked characters from her full length book to bring you a concise and exciting introductory to her style.

She wants to offer you the most enjoyable experience possible: All single sided pages so that you never have to worry about your markers bleeding through to a design on the back.

All designs are hand drawn with love using artist pens or graphite pencil on bristol paper.If you like having a little bit of shading already there to guide you this is a great book to help create stunning realistically shaded art! Some of the characters are the traditional line art without shading for those that prefer that as well. There’s really something for every colorist!

Characters from Norse Mythology such as Odin and his mighty 8-legged steed Sleipnir… as well as other fantasy beasts such as dragons, angels, chimeras, harpies, gargoyles, and fauns. 13 characters in all!

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