Meet The Hottest New Adult Coloring Tool The Cray-Pen

Surebonder CP-1AMKIT Cray-Pen
Painting Set with 20 Variety Color Pucks & 2 Copper Tips
by Surebonder

Kit includes: cray-pen tool, 2 Copper tips, 20 variety color pucks, 2 clean-out pucks
Easy to blend and build vibrant high gloss colors
Painting with color pucks-dries in seconds, less expensive then oil paints, eco-friendly, and achieve oil painting effects
Great for adult colorists, seniors, beginning artists to Fine artists
Paint on any surface: canvas, paper, plastic, Wood, etc.

Order yours today
UK Tool & Wax Pucks

Cray-pen hot melt crayon wax adult coloring
Cray-pen hot melt crayon wax adult coloring
how to use the cray-pen by FPC and Surebonder
How to use the cray-pen

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  1. Alice says:

    Looks awkward and hard to do detail because of the cord hanging behind it, and the large barrel size in your hand. I would never buy this without being able to try it for at least an hour in the privacy of my studio.


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