Adult Colorist Beginners Jitters

Just like a new job, posting your first colored page can be both scary and exciting.

I remember just sitting there looking at it. What if no one likes it? What if I dont get comments on it? What if I get a nasty comment? Is it really good enough to post? I thought this was susposed to relax me! Then I though what do I have to lose right? I gathered up the courage to post that first page. I hesitantly pressed “post”.

If you belong to a supportive coloring group like i do that is the beginning of a colorful journey. All of a sudden you are no longer alone in your creative choice. You dont fear those “looks” from people who dont get it. This is not new for me though. I have always been the “odd one” in my family. I wouldnt have it any other way and neither should you!

What happend when I posted my first page you ask? I recieved my first “like”! WOW That put a smile on my face. Wonder how many more I will get? Then I get a comment! Seriously? Someone thought it was good enough to comment on! At this point im doing the happy dance in my livingroom! They said it was “pretty” but in my mind i’m asking why? I’m just a beginner and it isn’t as pretty as everyone elses.


My opinion on that is this……….. Everyone starts out a beginner. You have to start out a beginner and work your way up. Once you post that first page and start looking around at other pages you are already planning to leave the beginner status behind. Your wanting to try shading or markers instead of pencils maybe. Its just that first step! Remember that feeling because the next wave of people coming in behind you feel the same way. Be like the person that gave you your first “like” or comment and encourage the next newbie when you see their post.

You have just been upgraded from a coloring group newbie to a regular! Now you may be one of the people the newbies are refering to when they say “my page isnt as pretty as theirs, please be kind”! Lets give them the encouragement that we recieved. Lets give them the confidence to keep posting. Pay it foward.

Until next time, may you never run out of pages to color, or your markers never run out of ink!

Angela Colorz – Adult Coloring Worldwide


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#angelacolorz art by Brigitte Ibitoye
#angelacolorz art by Brigitte Ibitoye
20000 member milestone collectors image. Colorist: Angela Colorz Artist: Nicole Whelan
20000 member milestone collectors image. Colorist: Angela Colorz Artist: Nicole Whelan

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  1. Shirley says:

    How true. The day I posted my first picture I got more likes and comments from the folks in this group than Imdid from my own friends. What a wonderful group!

    Liked by 1 person

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