Fantasia Cardstock Coloring Book Is A Hit!

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Fantasia An Adult Coloring Book Of Fantasy and Mythology Spiral-bound – 2016
by Casey Gilmore (Author)
Coloring book to delve your senses into a fantasy world, and emerge with a heightened imagination. Stories to add wonder on every page! Spiral bound with 100lb cardstock paper to allow markers and watercolor pencils to minimize bleed through. Also perforated so that you can remove the pages! Fantasia is a highly detailed and original coloring book not like any other you’ve seen. All designs are hand drawn with love using artist pens or graphite pencil.Characters from Norse Mythology such as Odin and his mighty 8-legged steed Sleipnir… as well as other fantasy beasts such as dragons, angels, chimeras, harpies, gargoyles, and fauns. 20 characters in all! Short stories to accompany most characters to immerse you deeper into the fantastical world of Fantasia.

Casey Gilmore's cardstock coloring book for adults with fantasy pages Fantasia
Casey Gilmore’s cardstock coloring book for adults with fantasy pages Fantasia



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