The Rules Of Coloring By Angela Colorz

Rule #1- Relax
Rule#2- Have Fun! Other than that, there are NO RULES!

I’m pretty sure I was the kid everyone looked at in horror when they seen purple hair on my stick figure family! LOL Then like everything else… BAM! Playtime was over and we were all moved to a higher level of expetations in order to reach adulthood.

Everyone knows you color apples red, yellow, or green. Everyone knows that the bark on the tree is muted colors of tan to dark brown. Right? Well where is that rule written? Who is the “keeper of the colors” to make sure everyone follows the rules?

So I’m sitting here staring at a Johanna Basford page of a tree from the Enchanted Forest coloring book, and i’m thinking that it’s going to look like a giant glob of green when i’m done. Whats the point of coloring it if it’s all going to be the same color? After years of being taught to accept someone elses standards for coloring I went rogue. You heard correctly. R O G U E

We can all laugh now. Yeah, it’s easier said than done. My hand automatically reached for one of my green pencils. (bad hand!) At this point it’s a battle between using standard colors or using my imagination. It’s not easy to break 40+ years of “standard coloring procedures”!

Every time I started to choose a color that appealed to my creative side I found myself thinking I should change it to a shade of green. Because that is what color leaves are. Right? Well lets just say the rebel in me wasn’t going to let that happen. Who is to say that in my world that the tree leaves aren’t shades of purple?!

I encourage you to leave the imaginary “rules of coloring” behind! We already live by so many in our day to day life. It’s time to relax! Take baby steps. Pick a page to color. Then pick a color out and color one thing an outragous color! Still can’t make yourself do it? Cover your eyes and pick out anywhere from 3-5 colors. Now dont cheat! Now color the page with the colors you picked. It wont be long before your imagination will want to come out more often and color with you. If you happen to show your page to someone that looks at you funny and asks why you chose the colors you did, just answer with this. Ask them to show you the “rules of coloring”. Then tell them your going ROGUE. I dare ya!

Hey! Did you forget or are you wondering what happened to my Johanna Basford tree? Check it out for yourself!

Until next time, may your colored pencils never run out of lead.
~Angela Colorz

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#angelacolorz Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford and adult coloring Enchanted Forest with Artist Loft Pencils, Bic Mark-it’s, and Sharpie Markers

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  1. TAZ Tammy Zukoski says:

    O so love the tree,great job. I like to see thinking outside the box looks.

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