Coloring With Apps Digitally With Janet Deshotel

Janet Deshotel colors seahorse digitally with Pigment App for iPhone iPad.
Janet Deshotel colors seahorse digitally with Pigment App for iPhone iPad.

Meet Janet Deshotel a 64yr old grandma who lives in Sulphur, LA, USA. Shes dabbled in artistic endeavors most all of her life, which includes adult coloring books, paint by number sets, sketching/doodling, glass jar sand sculpting, photography, oil and watercolor painting, digital art, jewelry design, and colored pencils. Janet uses both traditional coloring utensils and digital coloring software apps.

Janet Deshotel started adult coloring in September 2015. When she saw the adult coloring books, she was hooked! She loved the patterns and eclectic colors they showed in examples. Feeling freed from “coloring the grass green and the sky blue.”
She found she could “PLAY”.
Many people ask if she preselects her colors, and the answer is NO. She just lets things evolve and works through a pattern. Starting with a base drawing enables her to be able to concentrate on what she loves best…color and light. During the process of exploring the world of coloring with fresh eyes, she fell in love with pencils and pens! Beyond the traditional mode of coloring, She also loves digital coloring, which was natural for her based on the years Janet spent creating digital artwork. The best thing about the world of digital art coloring, she says, is that you can work and rework that special creation, all without it appearing overworked. She loves trying out the new apps to see what they do. Janet is certain we will only see more apps for phones and tablets that will offer more features and flexibility.

And last, but not least, she loves the comradeship shes found with others in the FaceBook groups. She enjoys looking at others’ works and learning new things, and sharing what she can in return.
But what she loves most is encouraging others to just try it…let yourself go, whether it’s traditional or digital coloring, or both. Janet have enjoyed watching our fledgling Coloring With Apps group start to grow. Sharing and encouraging one another is what it’s all about. And when it’s done right, thanks to Adult Coloring Worldwide admins, everyone wins.

Janet Deshotel – 21st Century Digital Colorist

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