Valentine Date Night By Angela Colorz

#angelacolorz Art by Maria Castro (Scribo Creative) using Sharpies
#angelacolorz Art by Maria Castro (Scribo Creative) using Sharpies


Valentine Date Night

By: Angela Colorz

Okay guys and gals! Here is your chance! How often have you asked your someone special to color with you? If you’re like me it’s from the beginning. We have so much fun coloring that we just want to share it with them, right?

It’s almost Valentines Day and you wouldnt believe how many people have no idea what to do special for their valentine. I have heard some people say they will do the usual of candy, card, flowers and dinner. I say if having them color with you is something you would enjoy start dropping those hints! LOL You could also just come out and say, “for Valentines Day I want you to color with me!” Some would rather you just tell them what you want. Chances are since its a special day they will give in just to make you happy!

Now to be fair, make sure you have coloring pages of different themes. Some men may not like coloring flowers and hearts and would rather color the page with the celtic symbol or something else alittle less feminine. You never know, once they get started they may find they like it after all! But understand that maybe your someone special doesnt enjoy coloring as much as you. Nothing wrong with that. If that’s the case be willing to accept it and be sure to tell your special someone how much you appreciate them coloring with you just to make you happy.

If your Valentines Day is being spent with your kids take advantage of this time. Tell them they can give you a Valentines Day gift by sitting at the table coloring with you. If your kids are in their teens, what a way to get better acquainted with them and get an idea of what they will be like as an adult. Many conversations has been had at our family table when I was a kid doing word find puzzles with my mom. They may see you as someone other than a parent for a change. The important thing is to have fun spending time with the kids. Make some good memories to look back on after they have left the house. Don’t forget to take a photo!

Even thought it would be awesome for guys to have coloring parties, I dont think it will happen often. If you don’t have that someone special or children to spend Valentines Day with, why not have a day with “the girls”? Go out to lunch together and head back to a designated location to color the day away! Don’t forget the chocolate and a few choices of beverage! There is something about a group of ladies gathered around laughing and talking while coloring. It makes what could have been a lonely day for some not so lonely. By the way, this may turn into a monthly meeting with you and your friends. What an awesome idea!

Me, i’m searching for some “manly” pages for my someone special. Wish me luck!


#angelacolorz Art by Mandala Jim using Sharpie Markers
#angelacolorz Art by Mandala Jim using Sharpie Markers
#angelacolorz Art by Dwyanna Stoltzfus using Artist Loft colored pencils and Sharpies.
#angelacolorz Art by Dwyanna Stoltzfus using Artist Loft colored pencils and Sharpies.


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  1. I think this is a wonderful idea, especially if the weather isn’t ideal for going out. I can remember several Valentine’s Days when we got snowstorms in Dallas and at home in WV. Maybe if there’s an art store or a place that sells coloring books nearby, you could pick out what you really want. Maybe have lunch, or just dessert… I DO hate going to restaurants on “the” day because it’s so crowded and noisy. It was never my favorite holiday and that hasn’t changed much. ❤

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