Artists from The 2016 Directory of Who’s Who of Coloring Book Artists

List of artists featured in the Very first Who’s Who Directory of Coloring Book Artists

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The Directory Of Who’s Who of Coloring Book Artists 2016: Adult Coloring Book Artist Directory (Volume 1) Paperback – February 5, 2016
by Global Doodle Gems (Author), Adult Coloring Worldwide (Author)

The Directory containing the Who’s Who of Coloring Book Artists 2016, 119 single page designs, with name plates of adult coloring book illustrators presented to you by Adult Coloring Worldwide and Global Doodle Gems, for adult colorists everywhere.

Adriana Volpe
Facebook : Doodle-Adriana-Art-

Ahmed Fouad
Facebook : Celestialarttherapy

Alfred E. Villanueva
Facebook : viworksartbyalfredermitaniovillanueva

Alison Civil
Facebook : ‘Alison Civil Art’

Arianne Schimmel
Facebook : ArianneSchimmel

Audrey Sagh
Facebook : AMS-Artwork

Bev Choy
Facebook : bevchoyart

Brigitte Ibitoye
Facebook : elfenfeeBRI

Casey “Keyesay” GilmoreFacebook : keyesaysfineart

Dave Weiss
Facebook : amokarts

Facebook : Les dessins et doodles de “Dom Domx”

Dwyanna Stoltzfus
Facebook : Oodles of Doodles Designs – Adult Coloring Books by Dwyanna Stoltzfus



Ellen Wolters

Esther Lafiebre
Facebook : esther.lafiebre

Gayle Barff
Facebook : Gayle’sFineArt

Gemeta Ling
Facebook : GemetaLing’s Mandala-Zen-Art

I am 37 years old, born in Barcelona. I have three children, Sinai, Narie and Aron. My passion is education and currently continue in training as art therapist. Since childhood loved to paint.

A few years ago I began creating mandalas and took me back all that passion as a child, sometime lost time, awakening in me endless creativity.

I have worked with different materials, recycled, natural, clothes, stones, etc doing different workshops for both children and adults. I currently work as an educator developing different creative workshops in a clinic for children with various emotional problems (ADHS, Autism, etc …)

Thanks to the creation of Mandalas I have been revealing different energies and divine representations, as one uncovers a puzzle without knowing what it is, not knowing what energies are. I learn as they come up from my mandalas

Most of my works have reflected a process in me. I have several targetas and a guidebook to their meaning and expliciones, but I could not produce for expand and of a sudden appeared GDG my family, myself included in this amazing group began to develop Zen / Doodle / Tangle designs that pushed me to participate in various volumes and special, now I work for my own individual coloring book, “world in-visible”projecting and expanding those energies that are revealed to me, for anyone who wants to draw on them coloring.

Books where Gemeta Ling’s work is featured

Gloria A. Lenzen

Heather Richards
Facebook : tangledtidbitart

Heba Seada
Facebook : ArtistaArts

Ian De Jesus
Facebook : artofianravenfox13

Isa Humeau

I am 41, married and have a 16 year old girl. I always had great artistic activity: painting, sculpture, drawing. I am interested in adult coloring for my daughter, then I started drawing for coloring and then the events were very quickly chained, to my surprise : A friend asked me to describe in its restaurant, another advised me to contact the publishers, this is how I joined the team of GDG

My graphic style is very diverse: geometric,philosophy, animals, mandala, nature and poetic imagination. In my drawings, I would still leave a great deal of creativity and colorist speak both experienced colorists only for beginners.

My site :

My Redbubble shop:

My Zazzle shop :

My Pinterest :

Facebook : graphizenIHU

Jeanette Wummel

Jeanette Wummel is the creative mind behind The Roots of Design. She has been on a life long journey to share her art and imaginative passion with the world. She is a published illustrator and coloring book artist. She loves to create whimsical and geeky art that is fun for all ages. Her style is perfect to satisfied your inner child. To see more of her designs and to keep up with her latest happenings visit                     Facebook : TheRootsofDesign

Jeanne Burbage
Facebook : Zenimaginarium

Website :

Jenny Wei
Facebook : Zentangle fun

Jodie Cooper
Facebook : colormeInspirational



Jodi Ho
Facebook : riverho1688

Johanna Ans
Facebook : Johanna-Ans-My-creative-site

Joseph Shivery
Facebook : The-Broken-Mind-of-Joes-Ink

Kelly Dombrowski

Kristen Webster
Website :

Laurie Beauchamp
Facebook : Lauries-Art

Leaf Yeh
Facebook : leaf.Painting

Leen Margot

Leen Margot is a french artist. She has two chidren ( 10 and 13 years ) and her daughter Miwah draws too . She has published several books with Global Doodle Gems, and others by herself. Leen has an etsy shop with low priced products that are sold

Ma boutique A little market : Vous y trouverez ‘ Mille et une couleurs’, ‘Sérénité ‘, fait avec Fafahe creations :

Ma pause à moi :… Ma boutique Etsy, ou vous trouverez des dessins à moins d’un euro
as mini books.

Facebook : leen.margot

“Lilly.F.T” Linda Fauconnier Tricoire

Facebook : lilly.styl.aux.mille.couleurs

Lindsay Graves
Facebook : lgravesart

Lynne McGee
Facebook : Colorandtangle

Lynniex Doodles
My bio: I’m a mother of 2 boys. I went to art college for a year, but decided to take a different direction and have come full circle back to art. I started to use crochet as a way to help me through grieving for my brother and re-discovered my love of all arts and crafts. I now also embroider, draw, colour and I am a hobby photographer and I find all sorts of ways to create-I don’t feel fulfilled if I haven’t created each day!

I am now heavily involved in the Global Doodle Gems collaboration of artists and also design single pages for sale on etsy. I am in the process of creating my own colouring book that I intend to call ‘Rebel, rebel’. I’m very excited to be chosen as one of the artists in the ‘who’s who of colouring book artists’ directory and I’m looking forward to seeing where my path leads next!

Maria Castro,


Maria Padgett

Hi, I am an artist, teacher, ITF and curious human. When I am not working, I enjoy traveling, researching or learning new skills, beekeeping, herb gardening and of course–making art!

Maria Wedel
Facebook : AMVWART


Marie-eve Klein
Facebook : Les traits’ors de Mimieve

Monnicken Werken by Marieke Raterman

Mireille Westerduin, Colour by Mi
Facebook : Colour-by-Mi-kleurplaten-illustraties

Mr. End
Facebook : GeometryFlow

Facebook : Nancy43’s colorful place

Nathan Miller

Nicole Whelan
Facebook : WillowHillArt

Ondine Summers
Facebook : ColourIt

Paul Summerfield

Peggy Sue Karunding
Facebook : Peggy-Sues-Artwork

Pica Wu
Facebook : Pica’s Zentangle art

Robin Cass


Facebook : robinelizabethart

Etsy shop :

Rose Rambo

Rose Rambo is a visionary artist worth following. She has the unique ability to translate the creative inspiration of innocence to paper and canvas. Mrs. Rambo brings joy and inspiration to adults through the creative play of rediscovering the joy of color.
Rose is a native Texan, born in San Antonio and raised in Fort Worth. She lives with her husband and two cats. Rose looks forward to new opportunities to bring joy, inspiration, and beauty to the world around her.

Visit Etsy Shop


12715600_10100624106509374_7505489512744588525_nNEW! Color A Creation

Color A Creation For the artist on the go. Book 2 in the Color A Creation series.

The book is 8.5″ x 8.5″ and has 31 single sided pages. The pages are 80lb card stock and hold up amazingly to any marker you would want to use with almost no bleed through.
This book of Creations is spiral bound, and wonderful for fitting in your purse when you walk out the door.

These specifications were chosen by your fellow colorists! So you know its going to be great!


Rover Hsiao
Facebook : roverhsiao2015

Sabine Design

Samantha J. Decker
Facebook : Samantha-Jean-Illustrations

Sarah Renae Clark
Etsy Shop : AdvanceMultimedia

Shelly Eartha Simpson
Name: Shelly Eartha Simpson
Age: 39
Nationality: Brazilian
– Atr Teacher;
– Comic Drawer;
– Patterned Drawer;
– Make up artist;

How you get to Coloring Book World?
I have participated of a Coloring Book for Adult contest like colorist and this make me want to back to draw. I startes sharing some draws on facebook coloring book for adult and then Gdg have found me.

Art style
I like to draw people, place(landscape), flowers, tribal, indian, african and Orixas.

Stephen Stanish
Follow on facebook

Tabitha Ladin

Takumi Nariyoshi
Facebook : takumidrawing

Tamara A. Cameron

Taru-Noora Martinsen
Facebook : soulofsadie

Teri Sherman
Teri Sherman is a prolific artist who leans more towards the dark and gothic style, but also draws fairies, fantasy, flowers, animals, people and scenery too!
She has one colouring book published through Blue Star Coloring via Amazon, titled ‘Gothic Halloween’.

facebook Artist Page,

Etsy shop: ArtiDoodles

Velvet Comeau
Facebook : Tranquil Moon Art & Designs

Wen Kung
Facebook : Wen.Zentangle

Yvonne Schmidt
Facebook : Yvonne’s colouring design’s


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