Whimsical And Fantasy Art By A Biologist Environmentalist And Future Conservationist

Meet Artist Casey L. Gilmore

“Its a little known side of myself that I am an artist. Despite the highly intellectual field I am employed in (biological research) my long dormant artistic side is finally blossoming. I am so happy to share this journey with you!

I have a passion for preserving and protecting the environment. I would like to combine my artistic talents with my biological experience to help protect our planet.

Fantasy has always had a special place in my heart so you will see that most of my pieces feature it in some way. The free range of thought and expression that fantasy gives is very appealing to me. It’s a way to view our reality through the lens of a less restrictive glass.

As far as my history goes…

I have have possessed creativity and artistic talent for most of my life ( ever since I could remember anyway). As a child I would compete in both local and national art contests and I am ever so thankful that my parents supported me like they did. I went to a magnet school (one where you had “majors” unlike most secondary schools in the US) for visual art during my middle school and high school years. There I met other young artists and honed my skills under the direction of my mentors. I was given my own private art teacher, Egar was his name, for a number of years and he introduced me to watercolors and human model/form painting.

As I grew older and reached adulthood I delved into science. I now have a B.A. in Biology and have worked as a supplemental instructor, vertebrate museum assistant. lab assistant, and research assistant. I know its strange to hear that a young artist does almost a complete 180 and goes in an opposite direction… away from the fantastical to the more statistical! There are parallels to be drawn however between science and art. Both are a way to understand nature, and our place within it. I feel that both halves of myself have made me more inquisitive, witty, introspective, and passionate. Art can be a release from the tight confines of scientific thought and I am glad I am able to experience it.”

Amazon Author Page: Casey L Gilmore
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