Life Of Mom Adult Coloring Book

A Day in the Life of Mom (Volume 1)
An Adult Coloring Book: A Coloring Book for Mom:
Paperback – December 16, 2015

by K. A Shimmield (Author), K A Shimmield (Creator), Joshua Lagman (Illustrator), Jade Villaremo (Illustrator)
Join me in the ‘World of Mom’ This book is a homage to the life of a Mom in the guise of an adult coloring meditative book. Take a stroll through the existence of the average Mom with these detailed, factual yet funny illustrations. Make each drawing your own by coloring in the patterns, or if the page is too close to home and stirs feelings of frustration or desperation then just grab that red crayon and with all the force you can muster obliterate it from existence. In fact, grab a nice glass of your favorite wine and a black permanent marker and through your laughter or possibly tears, annihilate each page with deep abandon. Trust me, you’ll feel lighter, calmer and be a better mom for it. As Moms we don’t have total control over much of how our day progresses. We can’t always find that missing shoe or locate that ‘perfect’ matching sock, even if we do it’s most likely not going to be the one your child wanted anyway. So sit back and take a few minutes each day to color in your page of choice, as this is the one thing you can control. Enjoy 🙂 (The information contained in the pages of this book are not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional mom advice, it is provided for sanity saving purposes only. The reader and colorer of this book assumes full responsibility for how they choose to use this activity. Always seek the advice of your counselor, best friend or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new treatment designed to keep you from loosing what’s left of your mind. Nothing contained in these pages is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. But extreme laughter and quite possibly a condition called ‘silliness’ may result in the use of this product.)


Day in The Life of Mom 2: An Adult Coloring Book (Volume 2) Paperback – March 1, 2016
by Kathy Shimmield (Author)
A Day in the Life of Mom 2 is the second in a series of adult coloring book for moms created by K.Shimmield. This is a satirical but honest view of what moms experience in a humorous and beautifully illustrated coloring book with comments designed to make moms laugh and illustrations designed to help her relax.


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