Be Still My Greyscale Heart

Simply Still Life Grayscale Photo Coloring for Everyone
Paperback – March 27, 2016 by Anne Manera (Author)

Grayscale Coloring Books are the newest craze ! Bring your images to life as you color over the gray in this stunning coloring book of still life photographs. Select your palette of colors and use the gray in the photograph as your guide for shading. This collections of photographs has been carefully curated with 22 still life photographs including flowers, fruits and vegetables. All pages are printed on one sided pages and are ideal for framing. Two copies of each page are included so you can color with a friend or experiment with markers, pencils or pastels. Happy Coloring !


And don’t forget to grab your Colorists Journal!  It’s a great way to keep track of all those coloring books and your favorite coloring artists and groups.  We hope that Adult Coloring Worldwide will be at the TOP of your list!

A Colorist’s Journal
Paperback – February 8, 2016 by Anne Manera (Author)
You spend countless hours organizing your coloring supplies, books and interacting online with the coloring community.

A Colorist’s Journal is the perfect place to organize all of your coloring needs! A Colorist’s Journal will keep you organized without having notes everywhere to get lost and keep track of everything. It puts everything all in one place for you! From finding a need of this for herself, World renowned artist Anne Manera, wrote this book with YOU, the ARTIST , in mind!
Just a few of the perks of A Colorist’s Journal for the Artist in you: •List your favorite Artist •Keep track of books you already own •Keep a wish list of books you wish to own •Make note of upcoming Coloring events •Organize a List of Coloring Groups you have joined •Keep up with your current supplies •Make note of the best coloring supply deals, and where you have found them in the past! •List your favorite websites and blogs •10 full pages of color charts to create your own color swatches from your favorite coloring supplies •A Color Wheel for you to learn a bit about color theory •Pages for your own notes •Of course all of your tried and true tips and tricks! You will never have to hunt for anything again, it will all be at your fingertips!

Pages to make your lists, include: 10 pages color charts 4 pages “My Coloring Books” 4 pages “Favorite Coloring Books: 5 pages “Coloring Book Artists” 4 pages ” Coloring Book Wish List” 3 pages “Coloring Supplies” 3 pages “Coloring Deals” 3 pages “Facebook Coloring Groups” 1 page “Art Supply Stores” 3 pages “Coloring Friends ” 3 pages “Coloring Events” 3 pages “Websites / blogs” 1 page with a color wheel 4 pages “Tips & Tricks” 5 pages “Notes ”

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