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** Adult Coloring Worldwide Recommended **
“Fun” is the key word with these wonderfully creative mandalas!  Images set in a perfectly sized book to give you hours and hours of adult coloring fun.  50 Shades Mandalas are a great way to relieve stress, clear colorist block, and try out those new color patterns and gradient shading.
We also have a FREE Coloring Page brought to you by Pamela Thompson.

50 Shades of Fun: Coloring Animal, Flower, & Pattern Mandalas
Paperback – March 5, 2016 by Pamela Thompson (Author)
Amazon BEST SELLING coloring book artist Pamela Thompson has created another whimsical book for relaxation & fun! In these hectic times, we all could use a playful break. Coloring these mandalas provides just the right amount of repetition and creativity to allow our brains to de-stress while attaining a meditative state. There are 50 original drawings in this book – whimsical animal, flower, and pattern designs never seen before. Some are simple enough to be finished in one sitting, and there are many more complex, detailed ones for hours of fun. You’ll enjoy them all, and feel a sense of pride as you complete each one. There is something for everyone, all suitable for framing. IMPORTANT: Perfect for gel pens, Crayola Twisters, or alcohol markers. The back of each coloring page is blank. Pamela has provided several blank pages at the back of the book to be torn out and placed under the coloring pages for additional protection of the following pages. ENJOY!

50 Shades of Fun: The New Joy of Coloring
Paperback – July 17, 2015 by Pamela Thompson (Author)
Treat yourself to hours of coloring each of the 50 single-sided, hand-drawn, detailed mandalas, whimsical illustrations, and patterns, while reducing stress and having FUN. Coloring has proven to be good for your body, mind, and soul.


50 Shades of Fun: Coloring Pets, Places, and Patterns, with Law of Attraction Journaling Paperback – December 12, 2015 by Pamela Thompson (Author)
second adult coloring book of wonderful, detailed pictures in the 50 Shades of Fun Coloring with Law of Attraction Journaling series. Her introduction to the Law of Attraction is perfect for those just learning how to harness its power, and a great reminder for those of us already familiar with being deliberate creators. You’ll find a number of Law of Attraction tools throughout the book to help you attract your desires with greater ease. Whether it’s an improved relationship or more money you seek, the keys are here. Coloring has many benefits, including stress reduction, as you attain a meditative state while getting lost in the fun. Some people have actually lowered their blood pressure by coloring alone. Blank pages in between the coloring and journaling pages protect the following pages. They also provide additional space to use the Law of Attraction tools shared in the book to promote positive journaling and enable you to experience more joy in your life. Step away from your busy life and give yourself a break while coloring these 31 whimsical pictures.



50 Shades of Fun: The New Joy of Coloring and Law of Attraction Journaling
Paperback – September 17, 2015 by Pamela Thompson
Coloring and journaling enthusiasts, as well as Law of Attraction followers, will love this expanded version of 50 Shades of Fun: The New Joy of Coloring. While it includes many of the original coloring pages, several have been revised, and some replaced altogether with new pictures for coloring variety. Many of the drawings are detailed to provide hours of enjoyment, but you’ll also find some simpler illustrations to provide the satisfaction of completing a project in one sitting. There is also the added bonus of 50 lined journal pages and 100 Law of Attraction-inspired thoughts to encourage positive journaling. It’s your birthright to live an abundant, joyful life, and to inspire others. This book includes an introduction to the Law of Attraction to help you do just that. Freeing your mind of negative-feeling thoughts will allow you to attract your desires. Many now agree that coloring is as effective as meditating for letting your mind relax. In fact, clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis, Ph.D. recently told HuffPost Live that coloring is “absolutely another form of meditation!” Just flip through the book and stop at a picture that feels right – you may discover that the corresponding Law of Attraction-inspired thoughts are perfect to provide insight and guidance in your life at this present moment. Adults and teens alike will have fun coloring the many illustrations, mandalas, and patterns, and using the journal pages to focus on creating joy in their lives.


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Free Coloring Pages Mandala by Pamela Thompson
Free Coloring Pages Mandala by Pamela Thompson

Free adult coloring pages printables brought to you directly by the coloring artists.
Images are free to print and color for personal coloring page use only.
The images may not be sold, or modified and reused, in any way except for personal coloring enjoyment.
For posting your colorings on the internet, Facebook, or other Social Media Networks reference / cite give credit / tag the Artist who drew them.


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