Seeking Serenity By Rebecca Burg

Seeking Serenity: A Coloring Book With Meaning Paperback by Rebecca Burg
Seeking Serenity: A Coloring Book With Meaning Paperback by Rebecca Burg

Seeking Serenity: A Coloring Book With Meaning Paperback – June 27, 2016
by Rebecca Burg
Detailed and realistic, Seeking Serenity is a fresh, unique approach to the adult coloring book. You are coloring in images of real loved ones, or fantastical scenes that are special requests made by real people.

Every page has a story…

The detailed, quality images in this book are dedications made by people from around the globe. They have provided the artist, Rebecca, with photographs and requests to dedicate a page to their loved ones. Rebecca then created a quality, original work of art for each request.
Some are hand drawn images of beloved pets and people. Others are unique fantasy images requested by individuals whose loved ones enjoy the mythical and mysterious. A few images (3) are original grey scale photographs of loved ones or scenes from nature.
You are bringing color to the lives of seriously ill children and adults.

By the purchase of this coloring book you are directly contributing to the author’s efforts to donate copies of this book, as well as art supplies, to children and adults with cancer and other serious illnesses. The creative activity of coloring is a known stress and anxiety reliever. When a patient is stuck for long hours in a chemo chair or a child is away from home in a hospital room, creative activity helps pass the time and soothes the mind.

To these people, you will be making a real difference
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About the Author
Rebecca is a lifelong artist with formal training in graphic design, illustration, and art therapy. She holds degrees in mechanical design and communications. Her paintings are collected worldwide and she has done illustrations for numerous books and magazines. As an author, Rebecca has published three books in the nonfiction and fiction genres. She is currently undergoing treatment for advanced breast cancer.
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