Exotic Chickens Coloring Book Is Something To Crow About

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Exotic Chickens: Coloring for Everyone (Creative Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book Series) Paperback – February 9, 2016
by Racehorse Publishing

Exotic chicken breeds are not only a staple of farm life but also a unique backyard pet for bird enthusiasts to watch and keep. The many beautiful varieties of fowl, with their distinctive crests and colorful plumes, have provided inspiration for artists for centuries. And now, you can share in that tradition with this easy-to-use coloring book that will spark your imagination and help you de-stress.

Exotic Chickens: Coloring for Everyone offers forty-six fully colored images that will inspire you as you color the forty-six black-and-white templates that are perforated so that each one can be removed to be displayed. The designs have been created specifically for you with stunning varieties such as the Golden Laced Wyandotte, Polish Hen, Crèvecoeur, and the Houdan all illustrated in this book. Whether you’re an artist looking to improve your craft, or simply just an average joe who finds coloring enjoyable and relaxing, this book is a must-have guaranteed to bring hours of artistic fun. Whether your style is realistic or whimsical, you can color these illustrations however you like.

This vibrant compilation includes:
An introduction to exotic breeds
Forty-six original black-and-white designs for your coloring pleasure on single-sided perforated pages
Forty-six full-color versions of the designs to inspire and guide you while coloring
If you find yourself intrigued by the beauty and diversity of these fine fowl, this book is a must-have, guaranteed to provide hours of creative entertainment. Gather your colored pencils, get comfortable, and start coloring your vision for these unique designs!

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