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Adult coloring seems to be the latest “fad”.  But is it really?
Coloring has been around since the dawn of the caveman.  Drawing and coloring was a way of communication.  Today coloring has been redefined as art thats being used as a way to relieve stress.  Adults everywhere are jumping in and exploring colouring, something many haven’t done since they were children.

Somewhere along the way to growing up, we forgot how to use our imagination.
Adult coloring is bringing that back into focus.
Come join us on a colorful adventure! Learn about the latest adult coloring books, adult coloring book artists, adult coloring groups, coloring page printables, and adult coloring news.

Get to know the artists with our coloring book reviews!

We are an eclectic group of people from all over the world who share an interest in adult colouring as a hobby, as businesses, and as a form of art.

The feet in the water: a sea coloring book December 4, 2015
by Maud Feral Chauveau

Established on June 11, 2015. A group of coloring enthusiasts, colorists, and artists got together to share a passion for adult coloring, adult coloring books, and adult coloring pages.
We share colorings, discuss art, and teach coloring lovers the wonderful hobby that relieves stress and brings people together.

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